Esso Bulk

Imperial Oil offers bulk fuel deliv­ered through local remarketers. In addition, Esso offers a full line of lubricants purchased through Blue Water Alberta.

Esso Cardlock

Esso Cardlock is available through Key to the Highway loca­tions. A full list of Key to the Highway locations can be found here:

Esso Retail

Fleet fuel can be found at Esso service stations across Canada. A full list of service stations can be found here:

Petro -Canada _logo .svg

Petro Canada Bulk

Petro-Canada offers bulk fuel delivery through local agents. Petro-Canada offers a complete line of greases, oils and fluids that are above today’s standards, through their widespread net­work of agents across Canada.

Petro Canada Cardlock

Petro-Canada has a network of Petro-Pass and Cardlock stations. A full list of Petro-Pass and Superpass stations can be found here:

Petro Canada Retail

A full list of retail stations can be found here:


UFA Bulk

UFA has an unmatched network of more than 110 bulk fuel and card­lock petroleum locations across Alberta, northeastern British Co­lumbia and southwestern Sas­katchewan. Offering bulk fuel & oil delivery, fuel tank rentals, premi­um brand lubricants and 24 hour access to clear and dyed fuel 365 days a year.

UFA Cardlock

A comprehensive list of UFA Cardlock stations is located here:

Fast -Gas -Presenting

FAS GAS Retail

A complete list of FAS GAS fleet outlets can be found here:


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