Cheaper Fuel  

RMA Fuel provides cheaper fuel by grouping individual members’ purchases. This increases the economies of scale, lowering the price of fuel and lubricants at any of its local partner supplier locations. 

Essential Service Status 

If there happens to be a fuel shortage, RMA Fuel members will be given first priority over all other customers. 

Elimination of Administrative Hassle

RMA Fuel prides itself on service. Members receive the following customer service advantages:

  • Fuel and lubricant purchase management, as well as card management.
  • 24-hour access to price changes, notice of upcoming price changes and volume reports. 


Members can join for free and benefit from the freedom to leave the program at any time, eliminating the need for complicated long-term contracts. 


RMA Fuel's internal and external efficiencies lie in its proprietary software, which monitors invoice values and accuracy, price discrepancies, past pricing, estimates, fuel cost tracking, and purchase history. 

NWPTA Compliant

RMA Fuel goes to public tender every three to five years to remain compliant with New West Partnership Trade Agreement. RMA Fuel received and implemented the favourable results of their RFP in August 2016.

Ease of Payment

When you receive an invoice for a fuel purchase, you pay your provincial association directly, and your association then pays the supplier on your behalf.

Price Changes and Forecasts 

RMA Fuel offers price forecasting and advanced reporting each week to notify members of any upcoming price changes.