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PFA is one of the leading fuel and lubricant suppliers for municipalities, school divisions, and other public sector entities across Canada. Founded on the idea of group buying power, PFA has partnered with government associations to increase volumes, thereby decreasing costs for members. PFA provides fuel and lubricants from coast to coast and has the provision of third party fuel and oil testing. Members are able to purchase at will, with no minimum purchasing requirements, and receive membership benefits. Request a cost analysis today to see if PFA can save you money!


  • Ample Crude Supply Should Keep Diesel Prices Steady

    Aug 18, 2016

    If crude oil prices decline as some analysts predict, the price for diesel would follow.

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  • Gasoline Sales Hit Over 40 Year Low in Canada

    Aug 15, 2016

    A report out from Stats Canada says the amount of domestic oil being refined in this country hit the lowest level since 1973 in May.

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  • B.C. Leads Countrywide Rise is Gasoline Sales

    Aug 12, 2016

    Gas sales in the province jumped by 17% in 2015 compared with previous year.

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