RMA Fuel's goal is to not only provide fuel and lubricants at a fair price, but also to establish a fuel management system to ease administrative stresses. 

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How We Do It

RMA Fuel is not a fuel re-seller. Instead, we create and sustain mutually beneficial relationships between fuel suppliers and our member municipalities and associations.

How We Achieve Discounted Rates

RMA Fuel goes to RFP every three years on behalf of its entire membership. With over 60 million litres purchased annually and growing, RMA Fuel is able to use this number to command discounted fuel pricing.

Fuel To You

Fuel is delivered to you directly or accessed via a fuel card from an approved cardlock or fleet supplier of your choosing.

Free Fuel Analysis

A free fuel analysis is available to all municipal and non-profit members. Upon completion, members receive a fully detailed report comparing the amount currently spent on fuel to the potential savings under the RMA Fuel program. 

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Free to join and with no contracts, any member can join the program at any time.

1. Request a fuel analysis.

2. Send in three months of your current fuel invoices for fleet, cardlock, and/or bulk along with your bulk tank information.

3. RMA Fuel will perform the fuel analysis and share the results with you.

4. If you’re satisfied with the results of the analysis, all that is required is an email confirming your intent to join.

5. Your account will be set up and purchasing can begin.